Cyberfest 2014

This Fall, CYLAND will be in multiple cities while CYBERFEST grows to be worldwide...

November 14-17th, 2014, BERLIN...
CYBERFEST EXHIBIT & SOUND ART program returns to the German capitol with The WYE and Platoon Kunsthalle, uniting thriving local cultural leaders with international artists. Curated and organized by CYLAND's Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya (Exhibition) and Sergey Komarov (Sound Art).

November 29-30th 2014, TOKYO...
CYLAND has been officially asked to exhibit in the upcoming sister city event «BERLIN DAYS» in Tokyo. Held at the prestigious Roppongi Hills, «Berlin Days» is a weekend long event bringing together highlighted cultural and startup leaders from Berlin and Tokyo with Japan's Art / Tech community. As a powerful part of The WYE in Berlin, CYLAND was selected to present a special site specific work created in real time by Ivan Govorkov and the charismatic video work «Jumping Jacks» by Anna Frants. Organized by Moretrax, with art curated by The WYE.

December 14, 2014, NEW YORK CITY...

CYBERFEST's FILM PROGRAM comes to the city that never sleeps. Short film works are now being accepted for consideration. Curated by CYLAND's Viktoria Ilyushkina.

Home sweet home, parents’ house, my castle and the walls that help.

A modern person changes 5 to 10 residences during the lifetime, usually using a few at a time, often in different countries and climate zones.
A countless number of renovations utterly wipe away traces of history, remote or recent, one’s own and somebody else’s.
The residence is a mirror of the inhabitant’s soul, but successful people invite the architect-designer-decorator to arrange the interior for them. In vogue, there could be exotics or high-tech, historicism or vintage – all this is made to order or purchased in special places.
Home sweet home is a bunch of appliances that chop-whip-fry-steam-warm up-cool down. They are designed in Europe, made in Asia, and, with their help, we prepare the food that has been familiar since childhood. But also the exotics, fusion or dishes of the molecular gastronomy.
The bedroom is still sacrosanct. It is believed that people love, conceive, give birth and die in their own bed. This is a literary cliche. They love and conceive in all sorts of places – best case scenario: on a romantic trip purchased in a travel agency. They give birth at a hospital. They die… well, let’s leave it at that.
The walls look like a castle less and less. They look like a screen. In order for them to help, it is recommended to switch the channel. But, as a rule, it does not help.
A successful person lives in the coordinates: taxi-airport-hotel. They are all different, and they are all somebody else’s. The most enviable “one’s own” is a yacht or a private plane. It seems, the land has no hold anymore.
A really successful person could buy a castle in Europe. Or an island in the Pacific Ocean. History or lack thereof.
Between these poles of success, there are tens of thousands square miles of bedroom communities.
Something needs to be done about that.

Marina Koldobskaya

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